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March 2010

If You Exclude It, Will They Come?

A key component to last week’s final action on the state budget was the passage of SB 71, a bill that provides for a sales tax exclusion for “green technology” projects in California.  SB 71, authored by Senator Alex Padilla, and championed by Governor Schwarzenegger, authorizes the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority [...]

California Counties Say “No” to Prop. 16

The CSAC Board of Directors today voted to oppose Prop. 16, the initiative that would limit local government’s ability to expand local energy programs.

Legalize Marijuana, Solve State Budget Deficit?

With California’s budget deficit still numbering in the billions, some are suggesting a different approach to solving the state’s budget woes: taxing marijuana.

Another Voice: When was the Last Time You Called?

If you haven’t talked with your local presiding judge or court executive in a while, pick up the phone and get caught up. You may find there is a lot to talk about.

Looking for the Latest Budget News?

We’re sure you’ve been searching high and low for the details on last night’s wrap-up of the Eighth Extraordinary session and now you won’t have to look any further.  Check out the Budget News section of our web site for the latest CSAC Budget Action Bulletin, hot off the press.  Er, keyboard.