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April 2010

Save the Williamson Act, Save the World

Well almost. You might have thought it was the end of the world if you were in the Capitol today and saw the Sierra Club, Counties and the Farm Bureau walking hand in hand advocating together as a coalition. It wasn’t the end of the world; it was the Williamson Act that brought these groups [...]

Doing More With Less

I had the privilege of  attending the recent annual conference of the California Association of Public Information Officials. While attendance was down slightly this year due to budget constraints, enthusiasm remained high among local government PIOs. “Thinking outside the box” and “doing more with less” were two common themes and discussion points.  These are themes that [...]

$5 Billion In 5 Days

That’s the amount of revenue the state needs to receive in order to meet April’s cash projections.  What was once a somewhat-rosy financial picture over the last few weeks appears to be withering away. The state took in about $574.5 million in personal income tax receipts on Friday, April 23, taking the monthly total to [...]

Three Things the Legislature and the Governor Can Do About Mandates

Just mention the word “mandates” to a local official and you’re likely to get a strong response. CSAC offers three ideas for the Legislature and the Governor to end the mandate madness.

Counties Stand Up for Vulnerable Children

When the Governor used his blue pencil before signing the 2009-10 budget, he drew a line right through the future of foster youth by vetoing $80 million and his proposed 2010-11 budget continues the cut. CSAC is part of a broad coalition – including foster youth, foster parents, providers, labor, social workers, and welfare directors – that is advocating to restore the child welfare services budget.