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May 2010

Pay Now or Pay Later

The Bakersfield Californian published an insightful editorial yesterday titled “County cuts will go deeper than dollars.” Its message: Even “non-mission critical” programs, such as libraries, positively impact the community in a way that is difficult to measure strictly in dollars and cents.

Just Another Day at the Office

The Senate Appropriations Committee just moved AB 155 by Assembly Member Tony Mendoza from the Suspense File to the Senate Floor on a 6-4 vote.  The bill was amended to eliminate the ability of the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) to impose conditions on a local agency’s request to seek Chapter 9 bankruptcy [...]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Suspense File…

Anything can happen in Appropriations Committee and we experienced a couple of twists today when AB 155 (Mendoza) was heard.

Budgets, Mandates, and the Open Meetings/Brown Act

Yesterday, the Senate Budget Subcommittee #4 heard an Administration proposal to suspend a mandate associated with the Open Meeting/Brown Act.  These mandated services include agenda preparation, agenda posting, closed session disclosures, and staff training.  The Administration’s proposal to suspend would essentially make these procedures optional to local agencies, thereby saving the state about $17 million [...]

Extra, Extra! ERAF Survey Results Available

CSAC releases this year’s ERAF/Prop. 172 survey, which reflects the expectation of a statewide property tax decline and the $5.65 billion counties contribute to the state’s General Fund. And Prop. 172 allocations are falling even more dramatically.