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June 2010

CSAC Institute: 1,000 and Counting

One part of CSAC’s mission is to provide our membership with as much information and knowledge as possible surrounding county government. While we have traditionally done so through our major meeting workshops, policy committee meetings and the New Supervisors Institute, CSAC launched a new endeavor just 16 months ago: The CSAC Institute for Excellence in [...]

Twin Waiver Bills See Daylight

The state’s effort to negotiate a new Section 1115 Medicaid waiver grinds on with dual hearings on identical bills next week.

It’s Official: One More Vote Would Have Made a Difference

We received an interesting comment last night to our June 9th posting, “One Vote… Just One Single Vote.”  It came from Sierra County supervisorial candidate Karen Rickman. She pointed out that Sierra County completed its manual tally of the ballots and the 5th District race officially ended in a tie.  The Elections Code states, “In [...]

A Penny Richer: Williamson Act Checks are in the Mail

If our counties have been wondering what their portion of the Williamson Act subvention allocation is going to be for 2009-10, their wait is over.  Sent yesterday by the State Controller’s Office, the checks are in the mail.  But don’t hold your breath; 22 counties and three cities are receiving checks for under $10.00, six [...]

SCO Lays It Out: What Can and Cannot Be Paid When the State Budget Is Late

The State Controller’s Office has posted a list of what can and cannot be paid without a state budget.