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September 2010

Borrowing Before We Borrow So We Can Borrow

IOUs are looming even if a budget deal really is near, so what can be done?

Once Again, CA Counties are Up for the Challenge

The 2010 Challenge Awards exemplifies the amazing spirit and commitment of our counties and the dedicated individuals who provide the vital services that 38 million Californians depend on every day.

Veto AB 2151 – Public Shouldn’t Pay for Police and Firefighter Personal Vehicle Fender-Benders.

AB 2151 is a shift of unlimited and unknown liability from an individual’s private insurance to the public employer and should be vetoed.

AB 602 – 10 Things We Don’t Like About You

AB 602, a bill by Assembly Member Mike Feuer, would extend the statute of limitations for challenges to a housing element, ordinance, or program to five-years. Check out CSAC’s top ten reasons why this bill needs to be vetoed!

C-O-N-T-R-O-L-L-E-R Spells “Relief”: No IOUs for September

State Controller John Chiang announced today that he would not have to resort to issuing IOUs during the month of September.