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October 2010

Annual Meeting: Chance to Fulfill Ethics Requirements

Every two years at the CSAC Annual Meeting, we conduct a workshop that provides county officials with an opportunity to satisfy their state law (AB 1234) ethics training requirements. At our upcoming Annual Meeting in Riverside County, this workshop will be held on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 16.

Misery Loves Company: California’s Not Alone in Its Cash Struggles

Last week, Stateline.org ran a series of stories examining the impacts of state cash shortfalls in California, Illinois, and New York.

Annual Meeting: Learn about Future of State Finances

A major goal of the CSAC Annual Meeting each year is to provide county officials with the latest information that they just won’t find anywhere else. While we expect this to happen at all our workshops, one in particular this year will provide news that is hot off the press.  On Wednesday morning of the [...]

Annual Meeting: Local Redistricting to be Addressed

Among the topics we will be covering at our upcoming Annual Meeting, set for Nov. 16-19 in Riverside County, is one that all counties must face in the near future: redistricting.

Williamson Act Trailer Bill Signed

As most know, chances of losing state funding for the Williamson Act subventions for a second straight year was high. While the approach specified in SB 863 may not be perfect it will provide some counties with the incentive to stay in the program.