Annual Meeting: Learn about Future of State Finances

A major goal of the CSAC Annual Meeting each year is to provide county officials with the latest information that they just won’t find anywhere else. While we expect this to happen at all our workshops, one in particular this year will provide news that is hot off the press. 

On Wednesday morning of the conference, join representatives from the Legislative Analyst’s Office to discuss the LAO’s release of the “November Forecast.”  The November Forecast is a highly anticipated annual report that outlines the LAO’s take on state finances for the coming fiscal year and beyond.  

While it isn’t much of a challenge to assume the state will be facing budget deficits of some significance over the next few years, the LAO report digs into the details of the state’s economy and spending plans. It is a workshop you will definitely want to attend. 

To learn more about the upcoming Annual Meeting or to register, click here. Please note that advance registration has been extended until 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5.

About: David Liebler:
David Liebler is the Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Member Services for the California State Association of Counties. He can be reached at

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  1. This conference was held last November (see date of original posting and date within body of copy). Our next Annual Meeting will be held in late November/early December 2011 in San Francisco. Our agenda for that meeting has not yet been worked out.

  2. Informatics says:

    For when this conference is scheduled?