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December 2010

CA Counties Ensure Democracy is Alive and Well

The Secretary of State’s Office has certified the November 2 General Election and reports that the 59.6 percent turnout was the highest for a gubernatorial election since 1994.

Photoblog: The Delta

California is not shy of controversy, particularly when it comes to water. One only has to utter the words “the Delta” and many decade-long debates come to mind. Many recent discussions and impending decisions regarding the Delta have brought this natural resource back into the spotlight. But, what exactly is the Delta?   The Delta [...]

California and Marijuana: Up in Smoke?

In November, California voters rejected Proposition 19, a measure that would have legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the golden state. Despite earlier polls suggesting that Californians were ready for more lax pot laws, the measure was defeated 54 to 46 percent. CSAC took an official “oppose” position on the measure, largely based on [...]