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January 2011

CSAC’s Corporate Program a “Win-Win”

CSAC officers and staff had the pleasure this week to meet with the Steering Committee members of our Corporate Associates Program. These regular meetings are a great venue for sharing ideas and planning for the future. CSAC receives insight from leaders in a variety of industries, including utilities, health care, communications, finance, construction management, human [...]

Another Voice: Governor Needs Funding Plan to Help Counties

The governor’s proposed realignment, a process of shifting responsibility for certain government programs from the state to counties, sounds appealing. However, we fear that the state will dump the responsibility for safety-net services on our doorstep without a sustainable, long-term funding plan.

Another Voice: The Beauty of Local Government

Four women and one man now govern rural Trinity County, a first in the history of the Rhode Island-sized, forested mountain county of 14,000 people, in far Northern California.

Photoblog: New Governor Meets at CSAC

In his first full day in office, Governor Jerry Brown met with CSAC leadership in our 1100 K Street offices for an hour this morning. The media wasn’t far behind.