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February 2011

The Money Goes Round and Round

Understanding the complexities of the county-state fiscal relationship is difficult, even for seasoned county officials. For new county supervisors who have only been in office a couple of months, it can be downright mind boggling. Attendees at this morning’s session of the CSAC New Supervisors Institute in Sacramento, though, were treated to a very informational and easy-to-understand explanation and historical perspective of state county-state fiscal relationship.

Another Voice: Leadership, Flexibility, Incentives Key to Realignment

Government hates to give up control. It isn’t good at it. But sometimes it is necessary. This is one of those times.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal makes the case for realignment, the restructuring of state-local relationships that, in this case, redirects responsibility and resources for government programs from the state to the counties.

Another Voice: Riverside County Uses Redevelopment Well

In Riverside County, redevelopment is the essential tool eradicating blight, building affordable housing and bringing much-needed jobs and public projects to revitalize communities.

Institute Course Helps Unravel Mysteries of Health Care Reform

Now that federal health care reform is a reality, there have been a lot of questions surrounding its implications on county health and human services systems. For the more than 70 county officials representing 29 counties who attended today’s course conducted by the CSAC Institute for Excellence in County Government, a lot of these questions were answered.

Another Voice: Reflecting on the Budget Crisis and Redevelopment

In a recent KQED radio debate, I explained the merits of Governor Brown’s proposal to cut redevelopment and shift revenues to education, public safety, and healthcare. I also explored this topic in an opinion piece published recently in the Contra Costa Times.