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January 2012

State Senate Maps Supremely Validated

The California Supreme Court confirmed that this year’s elections will make use of the maps drawn by the citizens redistricting commission. Today’s decision is here. A group called Fairness and Accountability in Redistricting (or FAIR, which is good thinking on someone’s part), requested that the Court — just for the 2012 election — either retain [...]

December’s Revenue Slumber

For the state’s General Fund, four months are head and shoulders more important than the rest. From highest to lowest: April, June, January, and December. Let’s hope April, June, and January bring in the cash, because December didn’t do so hot. State Controller John Chiang announced today that cash receipts in December were below all [...]

Providing Counties with a Glimpse of Their Membership Benefits

This week, CSAC is distributing a new, annual publication to county leaders titled the “2010 & 2011 Member Benefits & Participation Review.” This piece was developed by CSAC to provide our members with insight into what programs and services their specific county is taking advantage of and how they are benefiting the county and its [...]