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September 2012

In Local Government We Trust

Americans’ trust in their state and local governments is on the rise, according to Gallup’s annual Governance Survey. In fact, trust in local elected officials is at its highest level – 74 percent nationwide – since Gallup began the survey. And while it is a tick lower out in the West – 70 percent – [...]

CSAC Unveils New and Improved Website

Today, CSAC is rolling out our new website. We are confident you will find it easier-to navigate, more informational and just better looking.

CSAC to Hold Innovation Summit Prior to Annual Meeting

CSAC will be holding its inaugural Innovation Summit immediately prior to our Annual Meeting in Los Angeles County. This Innovation Summit is designed specifically to help county officials learn creative solutions other local governments are using to lower the cost of doing business, grow and sustain economic development, enhance citizen quality of life, and improve infrastructure

Our Counties Continue to Meet the Challenge

Each year since the mid-1990s, CSAC has set out to honor the innovative, successful and cost-effective work undertaken by our counties. We do so through our annual Challenge Awards program.