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October 2012

California Counties: Larger Role Requires Funding Guarantee

Californians seem to like their local governments. In fact, the recently released report from the Public Policy Institute of California suggests that voters have strong confidence in their local governments and want more authority shifted to the local level. Not surprisingly, this is precisely the thinking behind public safety realignment, a historic change to California’s [...]

Two Events to Enhance Your Annual Meeting Experience

Each year during the planning phase of the CSAC Annual Meeting, we try to add some new events that enhance the value of the conference. This year, there are a few events that we urge attendees to take full advantage of – both taking place prior to the official Kick-Off Session.

Stanislaus County’s Latino Emergency Summit Opens Doors

Stanislaus County was recently host to the Latino Emergency Leadership Summit 2012 on in Modesto. The event coincided in September with National Preparedness Month and was created to promote emergency preparedness and response in the Latino community. The event was the first of its kind in California and thought to be the first of its kind in the nation.

On the Road to Honor Innovative County Programs

Yesterday, CSAC staff began hitting the road to kick off our annual Challenge Awards presentations to Boards of Supervisors. Each year, we recognize the individuals who created and implemented innovative county programs by presenting them with a Challenge Award in their home counties – before their county supervisors, peers, public and local media.

Coming up to Speed on Realignment

I am new to CSAC, but I’ve been in and around Sacramento for a long time and I am familiar with at least some of the issues on the county radar screen. I was aware that California was “realigning” public safety services from the state to the counties, but I have to admit, I had [...]