Some Supervisorial Candidates Waiting to Exhale

Local election results never cease to amaze me. As I was compiling the results of supervisorial elections around the state this morning, I came across a handful of races that are incredibly close and will not be decided until the last mail-in ballot is counted.

Let’s take a quick look at them.

In Madera County, an open seat in District 3 has caused quite the horse race. As of this morning, Gary Svanda was leading – by .01%. What is unique is that even though there are only two candidates in the race, neither has 50%. It currently stands at 49.8% to 49.7% Svanda. How? There were 25 write-ins – and the vote difference right now only stands at eight.

A similar situation can be found in the District 5 race in Santa Cruz County. As with Madera, the seat is open. And again, neither candidate has 50%. The tally currently stands at Bruce McPherson, 49.9%; Eric Hammer, 49.76%. Only 26 votes separate the two candidates. And there were 60 write-ins.

In Inyo County, incumbent supervisor Marty Fortney finds himself trailing. But it won’t take much to change that around. He only trails by four votes – 644-640.

But whereas Inyo is a county of just under 19,000 residents where every vote literally counts, the same holds true in one of our largest populated counties: Riverside. District 1 presents a runoff between incumbent Bob Buster and challenger Kevin Jeffries.  Out of 85,662 votes currently tallied, Jeffries leads by less than 1,000.

It might be awhile before we know the results of these four races. But no matter the outcome, just know that if every vote counts in counties as diverse as Inyo and Riverside, it counts in your community as well.

For an unofficial look at the supervisorial races around California, click here.

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