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March 2013

What Would “Big Daddy” Say?

“Big Daddy” Jesse Unruh, the man who invented the modern role of the Speaker of the California Assembly, coined the phrase “money is the mother’s milk of politics” back in 1966. One could easily argue that it is still true today. Campaign contributions and fundraisers are still a big part of the Capitol culture in [...]

At Times, Trash Talking Can Be a Good Thing

There was a lot of trash talking at the historic Crest Theater a block from the State Capitol Monday evening – and those in attendance are hoping there will be even more. The event, “Talking Trash @ the Crest,” was co-sponsored by CSAC and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. The goal was to promote innovative efforts to reduce waste in California, including comprehensive recycling programs and efforts to develop state-of-the-art conversion technology facilities.

Not Enough Rocks? That’s Just How We Roll!

California has a lot of recent experience with shortages. The state has been short of money, short of water, short of jobs. But there’s a new shortage looming that could spell real trouble. I refer to a recent story in the Fresno Bee that describes a potential statewide shortage of rocks. Really, a report by [...]

A Jarring Fact: Our Local Streets and Roads are Quickly Deteroriating

There’s a county road I often take home from Sacramento to Placer County; the scenery is idyllic – farm houses, horses, geese heading south, the Sierra Nevada on the horizon. And then I begin hitting teeth-jarring potholes, one after another. It’s not a well-traveled road and I know it’s not a priority. But I also know that I am not alone – not when you take a look at the backlog on road maintenance our counties and cities are facing.