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April 2013

Benefiting Counties; Benefiting Communities

When the CSAC Finance Corporation was formed in 1986 for the purpose of providing a public benefit no one would have guessed just how expansive the organization would become. In response to queries from counties regarding financing assistance, the CSAC Finance Corporation was formed and started creating a chain of public/private partnerships that have now spanned close to three decades and have grown to provide an impressive amount of public benefit to California Counties and residents.

Local Government, Global Thinking

A small fishing boat recently washed up on shore near Crescent City California, where I have the privilege to live and the honor to serve on the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. There is nothing all that remarkable about a boat washing up on the shore of a North Coast fishing town, but this [...]

AB 109 Realignment: Smart Justice in California Counties

The state’s 2011 shift of criminal justice responsibility to counties under AB 109 has generated extensive commentary and analysis about how well it’s working. As it happens, “Smart Justice” is the theme for the National Association of Counties’ County Government Month, and counties are indeed working smarter to manage these new responsibilities. Many counties are [...]

Frustration Over Sequestration Shows in Board Chambers

At their regular board meeting earlier this month, members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors jokingly suggested that they would rather go to jail than return a portion of their Secure Rural Schools funding to the federal government because of sequestration. According to news reports, Board Chairman Terry Swofford asked the Plumas sheriff if [...]

Sustainability Resources That Inform, So You Can Be Informed

We’ve all experienced this challenge.  It’s late in the day and you’ve just been asked to speak in two days at a regional meeting about youth and green jobs. Or, an item dealing with options for financing energy efficiency improvements in county buildings is on next week’s agenda and you want to be prepared to [...]