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May 2013

Meeting the Challenge: San Diego County’s Parks and Rec Volunteer Program

Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve is a gorgeous place. Contained within its 3,700 acres of open space, the county park offers more than 10 miles of trails for hikers and bicyclists throughout picturesque surroundings. The park also features a historic adobe ranch house that was built in 1823 by the recipients of the first Mexican land grant in San Diego County. Combining a beautiful natural setting with local history is a great way to spend an afternoon. Los Peñasquitos is just one of the gems in a San Diego County park system that encompasses approximately 100 parks on more than 45,000 acres of land. These gems are kept shining and open to the public through an extensive and successful County Parks and Recreation Department Volunteer Program.

Meeting the Challenge: Orange County is “Doing More with Less”

With the recent economic downturn, Orange County’s Social Service Agency saw a startling rise in the demand for services at a time when resources were diminishing. The Agency had to find a way to meet the challenge of “doing more with less.” It was vital to come up with a cost-effective, workable solution since the number of county residents turning to assistance was rapidly growing.

Meeting the Challenge: San Benito County’s “Booked in a Different Way”

San Benito County Librarian Nora Conte calls them “magical moments” – those opportunities a parent has to impact their child’s life in a positive way. And she has seen a number of them through the Grow Strong Benito program.

Chief Probation Officer Brent Cardall likes to call the program, “Booked in a Different Way,” which really does sum up the intent – and success—of the program.

Meeting the Challenge: Sonoma County’s Comprehensive Energy Project

When Sam Ruark starts talking about saving energy, his eyes light up. Sam serves as the energy and sustainability coordinator for Sonoma County, which has been recognized nationally for its Comprehensive Energy Project. And Sam has every reason to get excited over what Sonoma County has been accomplishing.

AB 109 Rhetoric — More Heat Than Light

Our adversarial election process is one of the hallmarks of American democracy, and it is generally a good thing. However, election-driven rhetoric isn’t always the best way to transmit factual information about complex issues. For example, the next gubernatorial election in California is 19 months away and already the friction around public safety realignment is [...]