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David Finigan

A Look Back at the “Year of the Child”

When I was sworn in as CSAC President last fall, I declared that I wanted my term to be known as the “Year of the Child.” I emphasized that all our actions as an Association and as leaders in our respective counties needed to be put in the context of how they impact our children. For an Association such as ours, this can be complex; while we work on a variety of issues of importance to our members, the actual impact on our children can be perceived as indirect yet still critically important.

Local Government, Global Thinking

A small fishing boat recently washed up on shore near Crescent City California, where I have the privilege to live and the honor to serve on the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. There is nothing all that remarkable about a boat washing up on the shore of a North Coast fishing town, but this [...]

We All Need to Be Asking, “And How Are the Children?”

I have always admired the African tribe the Masai – not for their fighting spirit or intelligence, but for their cultural values.  Their traditional greeting, passed down through generations, is “Kasserian Ingera.” Simply translated, this means, “And how are the children?” The question would be asked until the answer, “All the children are well,” was [...]

A Holiday Message from CSAC President David Finigan

Allow me to take a minute of your time to wish you the brightest of holiday seasons, a very happy New Year, and a 2013 that is full of opportunity, success and service to the people of California. Personally, I am immensely humbled by the trust you’ve placed in me to serve as your President for the coming year.

California’s Rural Schools and Roads at Risk

Several California Counties will lose critical federal funding to keep our schools open and roads paved, unless the federal government reauthorizes their decades long commitment to communities with federal forest land.