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DeAnn Baker

Actively Awaiting the Governor’s State Budget Proposal

Christmas and New Year’s are over, but this week, there is still great anticipation among the Capitol community to see what the Governor proposes in his  2014-15 state budget.  For the first year in many,we are expecting a surplus rather than a deficit when the budget is revealed this Friday. While that is a far [...]

Counties Play Key Role in Our Land Use and Infrastructure Systems

When most Californians think of land-use planning or infrastructure, they think of their local city – the new residential neighborhood being built or the condition of their local streets. Yet few people may realize the role that counties play in these crucial areas. In fact, cities, counties and regions are intricately linked in these arenas.

Governor Signs Transportation Gas Tax Swap

Governor Schwarzenegger, satisfied with actions by the Legislature, signed the two-bill package that will bring significant change to how transportation is funded. Proposition 42 is no more. The repeal of the sales tax on gas, and thus Proposition 42, will be replaced by an equivalent amount of increase in the per gallon gas tax.

Vote Expected Today on Transportation Tax Swap

(Update 11:18 a.m ) The transportation tax swap measures were passed by the Legislature and will now go to the Governor for action. Assembly Member Nielsen opposed the measure on the grounds that the measure is a raid on local government funding and is in fact a tax increase without the required 2/3rds vote threshold. Assembly [...]