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Jean Kinney Hurst

Proposition 42 Passed, So Now What

Tuesday’s statewide primary election yielded some interesting results: perhaps record low voter turnout, a new influx of campaign cash in the form of independent expenditures for state legislative races, and some real nail-biter results, with a number of races around the state too close to call. Perhaps the least surprising news of the night: Proposition [...]

How to Solve the Special Elections Problem

In a recent Sacramento Bee, the prolific political writer Dan Walters discusses the problem of legislative vacancies and how to fill them, focusing on a proposal by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. Senator Steinberg has introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment 16, which would require the Governor to fill legislative vacancies by appointment within 21 days [...]

Whither the Sales Tax?

I spent my childhood in the Central San Joaquin Valley where summers are hot. Not quite California desert hot, but it wasn’t unusual to have days-long stretches of 100-plus degree temperatures. Luckily, my parents had a pool and we did not hesitate to use it. In fact, we spent most of our summer days in swimsuits and, occasionally, sunscreen. My dad also spent a good amount of time maintaining that pool, dripping liquids into a plastic doodad to test the chemicals in the pool water. Then he swished in some chlorine, maybe, and brushed and skimmed. It was slightly interesting, but time-consuming, and remember, very hot out. I don’t know that he ever thought he had any other option, he just did it.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking the CPRA Debate

There is a great deal of angst among the press regarding a provision in AB 76, a budget trailer bill that establishes certain procedural activities associated with the California Public Records Act (CPRA) as “best practices” and require a local agency that determines that it will not follow these practices to make a public announcement [...]

It’s the (Lethargic) Recovery, Stupid

The Legislative Analyst’s Office released its November budget forecast today, announcing a projected $25.4 billion state budget deficit for 2011-12.