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Matt Cate

California Counties’ Voice is Being Heard in the Capitol

Each year, Capitol Weekly, a well-read publication that covers California state government and politics, unveils a list of the top 100 most influential non-elected political leaders. I was pleased to learn that I am ranked No. 45 in the 2013 list released last night. But making this list isn’t about me; it’s a result of the influential and successful work undertaken by our Association, as well as a reflection of the critical and complex issues we have dealt with the past few years.

AB 109 Rhetoric — More Heat Than Light

Our adversarial election process is one of the hallmarks of American democracy, and it is generally a good thing. However, election-driven rhetoric isn’t always the best way to transmit factual information about complex issues. For example, the next gubernatorial election in California is 19 months away and already the friction around public safety realignment is [...]

CSAC Welcomes the Latino Caucus as our Newest Affiliate

One beauty of CSAC is its diversity. We are as diverse as California itself – geographically, politically and demographically. For CSAC to be truly reflective in policy development, though, it is important for us to be a reflection of the state residents we all represent. In that light, our officers enthusiastically supported the recent creation of the Latino Caucus of California Counties.

For CSAC and California Counties, Challenges Equal Opportunities

Since becoming CSAC’s new Executive Director, I have already been congratulated many times for deciding to lead this great organization.  For most of my friends and colleagues, it was obvious that leading CSAC’s incredible team during this period in history when counties are facing such historic challenges and opportunities was a perfect fit for me.  [...]