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County Budgets

Tax Performance Continues to Amaze…Mostly

I remember a time, not too long ago, when the State Controller’s monthly report of cash receipts consistently induced shudders, giving us a collective chance to cringe at just how bad the fiscal situation was. No longer. Today’s report (narrative version, nerd version) states that California’s three major taxes beat recent estimates by almost a [...]

California’s Rural Schools and Roads at Risk

Several California Counties will lose critical federal funding to keep our schools open and roads paved, unless the federal government reauthorizes their decades long commitment to communities with federal forest land.

Another Voice: Governor Needs Funding Plan to Help Counties

The governor’s proposed realignment, a process of shifting responsibility for certain government programs from the state to counties, sounds appealing. However, we fear that the state will dump the responsibility for safety-net services on our doorstep without a sustainable, long-term funding plan.

It’s the (Lethargic) Recovery, Stupid

The Legislative Analyst’s Office released its November budget forecast today, announcing a projected $25.4 billion state budget deficit for 2011-12.

Misery Loves Company: California’s Not Alone in Its Cash Struggles

Last week, Stateline.org ran a series of stories examining the impacts of state cash shortfalls in California, Illinois, and New York.