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More on Innovation and Smart Risk-Taking Strategies

The conversation about innovation at the local level continues! As we reported on this blog last year, the Institute for Local Government’s board of directors has been pondering what supports and what dissuades innovation at the local level. A key disincentive to innovation is the unforgiving attitude both the media and the public can have [...]

Thoughts of Gifts and Romance This Valentine’s Season

‘Tis the season of roses, chocolates and love.  CSAC’s research affiliate, the Institute for Local Government, is looking at such issues in a decidedly unromantic way on local officials’ behalf. In a recent piece entitled “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places,” the Institute looks at the downside risks of elected official/staff romances.   The [...]

Thankful for Public Resources and Public Officials’ Wise Stewardship of Them

It’s “Thankful November” (#thankfulnovember) season on social media. The notion is to take time during this season of Thanksgiving to reflect on the various blessings in one’s life. At the Institute for Local Government, we are thankful for our local democratic institutions, through which communities pool resources and energies to provide necessary services and facilities [...]

Veto AB 2151 – Public Shouldn’t Pay for Police and Firefighter Personal Vehicle Fender-Benders.

AB 2151 is a shift of unlimited and unknown liability from an individual’s private insurance to the public employer and should be vetoed.