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The Money Pit

I ran across this article on Sunday, and found it fascinating. It’s about the federal government’s retirement filing facility, which is housed in an old limestone mine in a small town in Pennsylvania. Yes, federal employees’ retirements are actually processed and stored in a big limestone cave. By hand! Pretty cool, right? I mean, pretty [...]

Frustration Over Sequestration Shows in Board Chambers

At their regular board meeting earlier this month, members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors jokingly suggested that they would rather go to jail than return a portion of their Secure Rural Schools funding to the federal government because of sequestration. According to news reports, Board Chairman Terry Swofford asked the Plumas sheriff if [...]

Fiscal Cliff: It’s Not Over Yet for Counties

We are starting to see some specific analysis from the last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, but even as we digest more details, some pundits are saying the specifics are less important than the deal itself. Both parties in Congress had to come together to make it work and the compromise bodes well for [...]

Another Voice: Congress Debating Expedited Drug Reauthorization Act

The United States Congress is currently debating a major piece of health care policy called the Prescription Drug and User Fee Act (PDUFA). While you may not have heard of PDUFA before, it has had a positive effect on patients and California businesses since 1992. The Campaign for Modern Medicines, a coalition organized by pharmaceutical companies, is working to support reauthorization of the Act by Congress this year. And while PDUFA has broad bipartisan support, there will be attempts to add on unnecessary elements that will reduce the effectiveness of the program.

Democracy in Any Language

The US Census Bureau released the list of counties that need to provide election materials in other languages. Here’s the rundown.