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Meeting the Challenge: Tehama County’s AB 109 Auto Shop

Everyone likes a “Win-Win” situation—a solution to a problem that meets everyone’s needs. In Tehama County, they had a problem, and the solution they came up with has been a “win” on several levels. The AB 109 Auto Shop won a 2013 CSAC Challenge Award because it is reducing the jail population, training inmates, saving money for the Sheriff’s Department AND reducing costs and downtime for other county departments when their vehicles need maintenance and repairs. Here’s how it works.

A couple of years ago, Tehama County Sheriff Dave Hencratt needed to reduce his jail population and find ways to reduce recidivism in his community. This was all part of AB 109—Public Safety Realignment—a state law that transferred a significant number of low-risk criminal offenders from state jurisdiction to the counties.

Tax Performance Continues to Amaze…Mostly

I remember a time, not too long ago, when the State Controller’s monthly report of cash receipts consistently induced shudders, giving us a collective chance to cringe at just how bad the fiscal situation was. No longer. Today’s report (narrative version, nerd version) states that California’s three major taxes beat recent estimates by almost a [...]

Thankful for Public Resources and Public Officials’ Wise Stewardship of Them

It’s “Thankful November” (#thankfulnovember) season on social media. The notion is to take time during this season of Thanksgiving to reflect on the various blessings in one’s life. At the Institute for Local Government, we are thankful for our local democratic institutions, through which communities pool resources and energies to provide necessary services and facilities [...]

We have Met the Arrestee and He is Us

A ground breaking study of who actually gets arrested in four California metropolitan areas has some surprising results. It’s us. Okay, maybe not you or me individually, but almost 80 percent of the people arrested in Sacramento, Redlands, Los Angeles and San Francisco over a three and a half year period were not on probation or parole at the time of their arrest.

Making Progress on AB 109 Allocation

The best solutions to complex issues often come from a solid application of the three Cs: communication, collaboration and cooperation. And that is exactly what was going on earlier this week in the CSAC Conference Center in Sacramento. About 40 county administrative officers from across the state came together to talk about allocation of AB 109 public safety realignment funding. The meeting was sponsored by County Administrative Officers Association of California (CAOAC) in cooperation with CSAC.