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The Road Not Paid For

Robert Frost wrote about the Road Not Taken—I will set my literary sights a little lower, and write about the Road Not Paid For.

Two roads diverged in my neighborhood
So sorry we could not pay for both
And be one community long we would
Borrow to pay for them as best we could
And hope that revenue would rise with growth

Thankful for Public Resources and Public Officials’ Wise Stewardship of Them

It’s “Thankful November” (#thankfulnovember) season on social media. The notion is to take time during this season of Thanksgiving to reflect on the various blessings in one’s life. At the Institute for Local Government, we are thankful for our local democratic institutions, through which communities pool resources and energies to provide necessary services and facilities [...]

California County Engineers Tackle Tough Policy Issues

While the California Legislature was feverishly working last week to pass last- minute bills, California’s County Engineers were looking at ways to affect the future of California’s infrastructure.

Almost 150 public works directors and staff from 37 counties around the state convened in Sacramento for their 8th Annual Policy Conference. With a focus on legislative policy development, the engineers tackled tough issues facing California’s public works departments, the public that they serve, and innovative ways to improve our declining infrastructure.

Without Increased Investment In Our Roadways, We are All In for a Bumpy Ride

If you are traveling this long holiday weekend, be prepared for a bumpy ride. California’s highways rank 47th in the nation, according to an annual report released today by the Reason Foundation. In fact, the Golden State has ranked in the bottom 10 every year since 2000.

That comes as no surprise. Back in March, we wrote a blog posting titled “A Jarring Fact: Our Local Streets and Roads are Quickly Deteriorating.” This piece focused on the 2012 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment Study that concluded the majority of California counties have an average pavement condition rating that is considered “at risk.”

Not Enough Rocks? That’s Just How We Roll!

California has a lot of recent experience with shortages. The state has been short of money, short of water, short of jobs. But there’s a new shortage looming that could spell real trouble. I refer to a recent story in the Fresno Bee that describes a potential statewide shortage of rocks. Really, a report by [...]