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Bond, Water Bond

In a scenario that almost reads like the finale from an Ian Fleming novel, the legislature is racing the clock to agree to terms on a Bond, Water Bond, that has a lot of people both shaken and stirred. The old proposal on the ballot in November is for $11 billion dollars, but the Governor, [...]

How Many Eggs are in Your Travel and Tourism Basket?

There’s a new report out from the California Travel and Tourism Commission that, among other things, points out that tourism in California has rebounded to pre-recession levels and once again, people are visiting the Golden State in droves. Preliminary estimates indicate travelers spent just shy of $110 Billion in California in 2013. That’s great news. [...]

Technology, Tools and Techniques to Reach Your Community

The Institute for Local Government (ILG) has worked hard over the years to help local agencies increase the level of public engagement in their communities. Authentic public engagement has the potential to help positively transform communities. Engaging the public early in the decision-making process can help agencies avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes. Constituents who have [...]

What Does Open Mean?

Hey, have you seen BART’s new official app? Nope, you haven’t. Know why? They don’t need to spend money making their own apps. They just put all their data online in an open format and everybody else goes ahead and makes apps for themselves. What’s more, these other people do it the way they want, [...]