Guest Blogging on The County Voice

On occasion The County Voice will run a guest blog.  These blogs will be titled Another Voice, clearly signaling that it is a guest post. 

The subject matter must be directly relevent to Counties. Bloggers should also have a connection to counties, either as an elected representative, appointed official or director of a county program.

Potential posts should be timely, conversational in tone and can offer opinion which may or may not coincide with a CSAC position.

The County Voice does not run ads and will not run blogs that market products.

If you’d like to have a blog considered for posting you may submit a post 500 words or less to blog editor Erin Treadwell at

Posting guest blogs are at the sole discretion of CSAC. Posts will be reviewed, and if accepted, posted on The County Voice within two business days if not sooner.

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  1. suorozco says:

    I am inquiring with all cities and counties in California that place property tax assessments to recover the cost of processing their code enforcement services and case abatement costs. If you place a property tax assessment through your Auditor Controller, or through other means, please email me a link or a copy to your ordinance or policy.

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