Institute for Local Government — A “Go-To Resource” for Local Officials

Over the past decade, CSAC has been constantly looking for ways to enhance the services we provide our members. One addition has been the relationship we have developed with the Institute for Local Government (ILG), which has been a valuable resource for local government officials for more than a half century.

Simply put, the Institute for Local Government is the research affiliate of both CSAC and the League of California Cities – and it is not to be confused with CSAC’s own Institute for Excellence in County Government, which provides continuing education to county officials. Continue reading

The “Duke” is In the House

The very first story I ever covered as a paid journalist was a tour of the newly rented “Governor’s Mansion” in Sacramento’s Wilhaggin neighborhood prior to George and Gloria Deukmejian moving into it. The story reverberated locally because Governor Jerry Brown, in his first iteration in that post, lived in a small apartment near the Capitol, and land set aside for a new Governor’s mansion had been sold. The Deukmejians… Continue reading

County Creativity Comes Through in State Fair Exhibits

I had the pleasure of spending a day last week behind the scenes at the State Fair and getting an up-close look at the County Exhibits. Wandering through these exhibits has always been one of my favorite parts of the Fair – even before I joined the CSAC team. And I’m not alone; the displays are a perennial favorite, attracting hundreds of thousands of fairgoers each year. Continue reading

Without Increased Investment In Our Roadways, We are All In for a Bumpy Ride

If you are traveling this long holiday weekend, be prepared for a bumpy ride. California’s highways rank 47th in the nation, according to an annual report released today by the Reason Foundation. In fact, the Golden State has ranked in the bottom 10 every year since 2000.

That comes as no surprise. Back in March, we wrote a blog posting titled “A Jarring Fact: Our Local Streets and Roads are Quickly Deteriorating.” This piece focused on the 2012 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment Study that concluded the majority of California counties have an average pavement condition rating that is considered “at risk.” Continue reading

Meeting the Challenge: Sacramento County’s Human Assistance Medi-Cal/CalFresh Service Center

When people say that government agencies should be run more like a business, I suspect what they really mean is that government should use more efficient processes that result in better customer service. That’s what Sacramento County is now offering through a change of technology and process in their Cal-Fresh Service Center.

Under the old “case based” model, when someone applied for Cal-Fresh benefits, they were assigned to a case-worker who was in charge of that file. When you had questions, needed to make some changes or had any other reason to contact the program, you had to talk to your case-worker. That model worked because that one person gets to know his or her cases over time, but with growing case loads and limited budgets, the old way became unwieldy and inflexible. Continue reading