Premier Forum Covers ACA, Immigration and More

The California State Association of Counties and the CSAC Finance Corporation held our Premier Forum in San Diego County late last week. The venue was lovely and the social and recreational events were wonderful, but the meeting was definitely the highlight of the event. Our presenters shared compelling stories about the incredible challenges they face serving the diverse needs of the people of this great state in this time of… Continue reading

California’s Changing Demographics

Yesterday was the most exciting day of the year for demographers who moonlight as futurists. For the rest of us was just a Thursday.

But it just so happens to be the Thursday that the Department of Finance’s Demographics Research Unit released the population projections through 2060. The projections cover detailed information about age, race, and gender population changes for each county. And by detailed, I mean nine decimal… Continue reading

Surfing with the Governor

I don’t know if Governor Jerry Brown, a life-long Californian, has ever actually been surfing, but he is currently riding a wave of political acumen, popularity and good fortune that could qualify him to compete in the elected official’s equivalent of the “Mavericks” big surf contest.

Some of his earlier public policy wins are well documented; 2011 realignment, pension reform, and passage of Proposition 30 come to mind. Whether… Continue reading

Health Care Reform: What Role for Counties?

The Governor has called a “special session” of the Legislature to work on implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  When the ACA takes full effect in January 2014, about a million more people will be eligible for Medi-Cal and the Governor has outlined two possible ways to expand Medi-Cal coverage. Both of them have significant implications for California’s 58 counties so it is imperative that we remain engaged in the… Continue reading

We All Need to Be Asking, “And How Are the Children?”

I have always admired the African tribe the Masai – not for their fighting spirit or intelligence, but for their cultural values.  Their traditional greeting, passed down through generations, is “Kasserian Ingera.” Simply translated, this means, “And how are the children?” The question would be asked until the answer, “All the children are well,” was given. This would… Continue reading