New Online Game Lets You Run Your Own County

Telling “the county story” is one of the ongoing challenges county officials across the country face day in and day out. Citizens seem to have a grasp for what their cities provide, but county services are more difficult for many people to get their arms around. Yet county services play an integral… Continue reading

CSAC Puts the “QR” in Annual Meeting

You might notice something new in the CSAC Annual Meeting registration brochure this year: QR codes. We’ve put one on the back cover and you can also find them on the printed registration pages. And if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, there’s an image of one in this blog posting. Continue reading

Reform the Focus of CSAC Annual Meeting

Another CSAC Annual Meeting is nearly upon us. For the past 116 years, California county officials have been coming together to learn, plan and shape policy. This past year has been a time of significant discussion about reform, and we expect this discussion and subsequent action to continue as we move forward. For county officials, the time to… Continue reading

Charting Path to Constitutional Protections

The CSAC Executive Committee met yesterday and engaged in lengthy discussion about the 2011 realignment. The Committee focused its discussion on the opportunity, path, and timing to secure a constitutional amendment to afford counties protections. In addition, the group discussed the fiscal structure for 2012-13 and beyond. Please recall that when the Legislature passed and the Governor signed the budget, there was recognition that additional work to refine the financing… Continue reading

County Exhibits Prove Popular at State Fair

One of the most popular exhibits at the California State Fair year in and year out are the County Exhibits – and 2011 is no different. An estimated 750,000 fairgoers are projected to tour the Counties Exhibits Building this year. 

Below you will find a visual look at the top county exhibits to be honored this year. On July 30, the “People’s Choice” award will be presented. To… Continue reading