Annual Meeting: Willie Waxes Poetic

The 117th CSAC Annual Meeting kicked off in grand style this afternoon with an engaging, insightful and humorous address by former Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

Using the style he is known for, Willie waxed poetic on his political life in Sacramento and San Francisco. He also touched on a variety… Continue reading

Annual Meeting: The Value of Coming Together

In one week from today, we will be kicking off our 117th Annual Meeting. Think about that figure; for 117 years, county officials have been coming together to talk about common issues, to work as one and plan for the future. Even back in the 1890s, our county leaders understood the influence they held when working together and speaking with one voice. While they may have arrived in town on horseback and buggy rather than Southwest and BART, one thing hasn’t changed: the value of coming together. Continue reading

Protecting Children Gets Lost in the Shuffle

There has been a lot of media attention this week focused on  Penn State – its administration and its football program. Who knew what, and who told whom, and when. Of course, lots of whys.

Perhaps instead of football coaches, the story that deserves to be discussed – in fact, must be discussed – is the prevalence of sexual abuse of children in the United States. Researchers estimate 15-25… Continue reading

Recalculating Poverty

This week the federal government released a new “Supplemental Poverty Measure.” It doesn’t replace the current calculation, but it “provides us a different angle on who is in economic need,” according to Rebecca Blank, U.S. Commerce Department undersecretary for economic affairs.

The official poverty measure – developed nearly 50 years ago – took one analyst’s guess at a family’s cost for food and multiplied it by three. Simple, right?… Continue reading

CSAC Loses A Friend in Tim Hodson

There was sadness throughout the CSAC offices this morning when we heard about the passing of Tim Hodson. Tim has been a longtime friend and contributor to our Association, working with us on many fronts in the pursuit of making government work the best that it can. 

While serving as the Executive Director of the Center for California Studies, Tim played an integral role in the… Continue reading