State Revenues Flying High (Relatively)

State revenues are a couple billion higher than expected; what should they use the money on? Continue reading

AB 155: This Bill Could Be Your Worst Nightmare

It’s baaack… AB 155 will be heard by the Senate Local Government Committee on April 21. Ask yourself this: When your local agency faces an unprecedented fiscal crisis, exhausted all available remedies, and needs to restructure its finances, do you want the State of California to tell you what you can do next? Thought so. Continue reading

Imperial County Deals with New Crisis

We’ve been reading daily about counties having to deal with fiscal crises, but Sunday poses a new challenge for Imperial County: dealing with the aftermath of the 7.2 quake that struck near Mexicali. Continue reading

California’s Role in NACo is Strong

If you ever wonder about California ’s role in the National Association of Counties (NACo), just check out the March 29 edition of County News, NACo’s regular newspaper. It reads like a “Who’s Who” in California county government. Continue reading

No Foolin’, Today is National Census Day

April 1, 2010 is National Census Day, when all census forms should be returned to the US Census Bureau.  The federal government relies on census data to determine the number of congressional seats each state is entitled to and to allocate roughly $400 billion dollars in federal funds for health care programs, roads, and schools. 

Nationally, about 52 percent of Americans who’ve received census forms have mailed them back… Continue reading