Counties Play Key Role in Our Land Use and Infrastructure Systems

When most Californians think of land-use planning or infrastructure, they think of their local city – the new residential neighborhood being built or the condition of their local streets. Yet few people may realize the role that counties play in these crucial areas. In fact, cities, counties and regions are intricately linked in these arenas. Continue reading

Solve for X: AB155 + X = Three “Aye” Votes

Okay, so maybe you aren’t so interested in an Algebra exercise, but we were wondering just what it is that makes people think that Assembly member Tony Mendoza’s AB 155 is a good idea Continue reading

Counties and Conservation: Save the Williamson Act

County government provides a wide range of services to its residents from public safety to health care to recycling programs! Included in this long list of services is the lesser known Land Conservation Act, also known as the Williamson Act.

Simply put, the Williamson Act is the single most effective agricultural land preservation program in California. Continue reading

Another Voice: Corrections in Chaos

Counties, local law enforcement, and communities are bracing for unknown impacts that could result from an influx of prison inmates.Depending on outcomes of state budget discussions and a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, counties could see upwards of 40,000 state prison inmates gradually released into their communities over the next several years. Continue reading

State Revenues Flying High (Relatively)

State revenues are a couple billion higher than expected; what should they use the money on? Continue reading