Counties’ Unemployment Numbers Reach New Heights

While recent figures released by the State Controller’s Office show revenues are higher than projected, an alarming report on unemployment was released earlier this week. The numbers are startling:  The unemployment rate tops more than 20% in eight California counties. 

Take a look at some specific figures: Colusa, 27.4%; Imperial, 27.3%; Trinity, 25.8%. In other words, if you are walking down the street in Colusa, El Centro or Weaverville… Continue reading

Reform is Not Dead…Well, Not Yet

Today, Senate and Assembly Democrats announced that they would pursue the governance reform proposals developed by California Forward, a list of nearly two dozen reforms that are currently included in two ballot measures slated for the November 2010 ballot.  Recently, California Forward had indicated that they would not pursue signature-gathering to place those measures on the ballot independently, but would rely on the Legislature to put them before the voters… Continue reading

More Money, More Problems

The Controller’s newly released revenue numbers are better than expected, especially sales taxes. But the state remains deep in debt. Continue reading

A Budget Cut By Any Other Name…

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed ABX8 2, a measure that contained budget year budget changes that legislative Democrats argued addressed $2.2 billion in budget year savings.  Governor Schwarzenegger agreed with legislative Republicans, indicating in his veto message that the bill “does not actually implement spending reductions.”  The problem is that the bill outlines reductions to a 2010-11 state budget that does not yet exist.

The language of the… Continue reading

Vote Expected Today on Transportation Tax Swap

(Update 11:18 a.m ) The transportation tax swap measures were passed by the Legislature and will now go to the Governor for action.

Assembly Member Nielsen opposed the measure on the grounds that the measure is a raid on local government funding and is in fact a tax increase without the required 2/3rds vote threshold. Assembly Member DeVore also in opposition because the transportation tax swap is another run around… Continue reading