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Another Voice: Congress Debating Expedited Drug Reauthorization Act

The United States Congress is currently debating a major piece of health care policy called the Prescription Drug and User Fee Act (PDUFA). While you may not have heard of PDUFA before, it has had a positive effect on patients and California businesses since 1992. The Campaign for Modern Medicines, a coalition organized by pharmaceutical companies, is working to support reauthorization of the Act by Congress this year. And while PDUFA has broad bipartisan support, there will be attempts to add on unnecessary elements that will reduce the effectiveness of the program.

Another Voice: Discussing Policy and Meeting the President

On Tuesday, May 3, I had the incredible privilege of attending at an important meeting in the Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C. Attended by NACo representatives from throughout the country, we had an opportunity to discuss key policy issues with Cabinet secretaries – not to mention the President and Vice President!  David Agnew, Deputy Director [...]

Another Voice: Governor Needs Funding Plan to Help Counties

The governor’s proposed realignment, a process of shifting responsibility for certain government programs from the state to counties, sounds appealing. However, we fear that the state will dump the responsibility for safety-net services on our doorstep without a sustainable, long-term funding plan.

Another Voice: The Beauty of Local Government

Four women and one man now govern rural Trinity County, a first in the history of the Rhode Island-sized, forested mountain county of 14,000 people, in far Northern California.

Another Voice: Commitment by the State Necessary for Children’s Services

Unconscionable cuts that harm abused and neglected children have increased their risks, thanks to the governor’s veto of $80 million for child welfare services. The veto cost the state another $53 million in federal funding to protect children. That’s a $133 million blow to children who already deal with loss on so many levels.