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Another Day, Another Post on the Municipal Bankruptcy Bill

AB 155 was approved today by the Senate Local Government Committee on a 3-1 vote. The Committee focused its discussions on new amendments that provide an alternative to the CDIAC process. Unfortunately, the potential for significant delay still exists, placing local programs and services at risk.

Amendments Spark AB 155 Activity

AB 155 is back, amended and scheduled to be heard in the Senate Local Government Committee on Tuesday, August 24.

It’s Back… AB 155 Returns to the Senate Floor for End of Session Vote

Just like that, arguably the most hated bill of the 2009-10 legislative session is revived.

AB 155 – Bankruptcy Bill Goes to the Inactive File

AB 155 – Bankruptcy Bill Moves to the Inactive File

Just Another Day at the Office

The Senate Appropriations Committee just moved AB 155 by Assembly Member Tony Mendoza from the Suspense File to the Senate Floor on a 6-4 vote.  The bill was amended to eliminate the ability of the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) to impose conditions on a local agency’s request to seek Chapter 9 bankruptcy [...]