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A Look at the Supervisorial Elections Around the State

Yesterday marked another Election Day. And while a lot of California election pundits were focused on the new top-two system, it was business as usual in the 122 supervisorial races across our 58 counties. All it takes is 50 percent plus 1 vote and you’re the winner. Getting less than 50 percent of the vote [...]

Another Voice: Fund Election Mandates to Ensure Fair Elections Statewide

During the budget process the Legislature, famous for passing the buck—or the bill in this case—reviews mandates it has placed on local agencies. By law, Sacramento is required to fund any mandate it imposes on local agencies but when the state’s coffers run dry the Legislature routinely suspends or repeals specific mandates and uses the money for something else. The state currently owes about $1.8 billion to local governments for state mandated programs.

This is not fair to local governments which are then are left with some tough choices. Do they suspend programs on which constituents have come to rely or just cobble together some dollars and run the program on a string?

Where’s the Party?

 The Secretary of State just released the official list of parties that are qualified for this June’s statewide primary. No surprises here, although we might be forgiven for sometimes forgetting that 1 in 16 California voters is registered with a party whose name doesn’t start with a D or an R (specifically, an L, a [...]

Some Supervisorial Candidates Waiting to Exhale

Local election results never cease to amaze me. As I was compiling the results of supervisorial elections around the state this morning, I came across a handful of races that are incredibly close and will not be decided until the last mail-in ballot is counted.

Voters, Voters Everywhere

While it might seem like election season is already in full swing, it’s still only August and the real onslaught won’t begin for a couple more weeks. Which makes this the perfect time to look at voter registration in California. The data viz below contains a bunch of information about it. Click on the picture [...]