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Surfing with the Governor

I don’t know if Governor Jerry Brown, a life-long Californian, has ever actually been surfing, but he is currently riding a wave of political acumen, popularity and good fortune that could qualify him to compete in the elected official’s equivalent of the “Mavericks” big surf contest. Some of his earlier public policy wins are well [...]

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

It’s not often that you hear the Bible, William Butler Yeats, and “The Little Engine That Could” quoted in the same political speech, but Governor Jerry Brown did just that today in a wide ranging State of the State address that was aimed as much to inspire as it was to inform. The Governor told [...]

The Governor Makes a Case Re: Prison Reforms

I was lucky enough to squeeze into room 1190 at the Capitol on Tuesday for Governor Brown’s press conference regarding prison conditions in California. It was a virtuoso performance by one of the preeminent figures in the last half century of California politics. The Governor, citing a significant reduction in the number of inmates and [...]