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Meeting the Challenge: Glenn County’s Community Re-Entry Work Program (CREW)

When California’s 58 counties began to tackle the challenges imposed by AB 109, the public-safety realignment of 2011, Glenn quickly became the “little county that could.” Through its Community Re-Entry Work (CREW) Program, Glenn is reducing recidivism, turning ex-offenders into contributing members of society – and saving the county money in the process.

In Glenn County, individuals now have a choice between receiving general assistance for three months or enrolling in CREW. The latter option is a 12-month program the provides ex-offenders the opportunity to receive assistance in a variety of areas, from housing and employment assistance to life skills and education. As Community Services Manager Lucy Hernandez is quick to explain, “It’s not a hand out; it’s a hand-up program.”

Reform the Focus of CSAC Annual Meeting

Another CSAC Annual Meeting is nearly upon us. For the past 116 years, California county officials have been coming together to learn, plan and shape policy. This past year has been a time of significant discussion about reform, and we expect this discussion and subsequent action to continue as we move forward. For county officials, [...]

Reform is Not Dead…Well, Not Yet

Today, Senate and Assembly Democrats announced that they would pursue the governance reform proposals developed by California Forward, a list of nearly two dozen reforms that are currently included in two ballot measures slated for the November 2010 ballot.  Recently, California Forward had indicated that they would not pursue signature-gathering to place those measures on [...]