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Tax Performance Continues to Amaze…Mostly

I remember a time, not too long ago, when the State Controller’s monthly report of cash receipts consistently induced shudders, giving us a collective chance to cringe at just how bad the fiscal situation was. No longer. Today’s report (narrative version, nerd version) states that California’s three major taxes beat recent estimates by almost a [...]

NACo: As County Economies Go, So Goes the Nation

How does your county compare to counties in the rest of California, or the nation, in terms of the economic recovery?”

That question is answered in an interesting and comprehensive analysis released today by the National Association of Counties (NACo) that examines the performance of all 3,069 county economies. The report is titled “County Tracker 2013: On the Path to Recovery.” NACo’s conclusion: As our county economies go, so goes the nation’s economy.

California Likes Facebook

The LAO released a curious document this week. They’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Facebook. On the one hand, who doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about Facebook? But they’re doing it during working hours, unlike all of you, no doubt. They’ve been wondering how much this week’s IPO means in revenue [...]

April Surprises Bring May Revises

What to do with the extra revenue, if any?

Extra, Extra! ERAF Survey Results Available

CSAC releases this year’s ERAF/Prop. 172 survey, which reflects the expectation of a statewide property tax decline and the $5.65 billion counties contribute to the state’s General Fund. And Prop. 172 allocations are falling even more dramatically.