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Veto AB 2151 – Public Shouldn’t Pay for Police and Firefighter Personal Vehicle Fender-Benders.

AB 2151 is a shift of unlimited and unknown liability from an individual’s private insurance to the public employer and should be vetoed.

9th Extraordinary Session?

The Legislature adjourned the Eighth Extraordinary Session last week. The remaining legislation on the Governor’s desk (AB X8 6 and AB X8 9) contains the transportation tax swap package. The Governor has sent a letter to legislative leaders expressing his plan to veto the measures as the special session expires this evening. Could there be a record-breaking ninth extraordinary session coming our way?

A Budget Cut By Any Other Name…

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed ABX8 2, a measure that contained budget year budget changes that legislative Democrats argued addressed $2.2 billion in budget year savings.  Governor Schwarzenegger agreed with legislative Republicans, indicating in his veto message that the bill “does not actually implement spending reductions.”  The problem is that the bill outlines reductions to [...]

Governor’s Blue Pencil Vetoes were Legal, says Court

Governor Schwarzenegger was within his executive authority when he vetoed millions of dollars from a budget agreement (ABX4 1) last July, says a state appellate court. A coalition of social services advocates, unions, and Senate Speaker pro Tem Darrell Steinberg had sued the Governor over seven of the surprise vetoes – which included reductions in [...]